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Many people have a nice idea that can be described in a good book which may even become a best-seller. This program helps you to keep track of your writting work. Instead of keeping hand-written index cards with the characters' names and traits, and multiple word-processor files with the different scenes and chapters of your book, you can use this application as a hub to keep your work well organized and to keep adding new elements to it. You can import the files you already have, or create your new book from scratch using the program's templates. For example, to create a realistic character for your book, you can fill the Character template by adding the character's background, physical traits, back story, the role that he/she will play in the story, and so on. Also, the program has asample book that allows you to familiarize with different features of the application. Whether you are a professional or amateur writer, then this program will make your work easier.
The shareware version of the program is fully featured, but its printing and exporting characteristics have been disabled. Also, it will work only during 30 days. To get rid of these limitations, you will need to purchase the full version. There is also a Pro version with more features.

Victor Hernandez
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